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Science fiction projects written by the Tarazedi community.
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Worldline Index

Post by Victor » 2017.09.20 16:23:36 EDT

  • Zedi Worldline The Zedi Worldline is a speculative fiction story following Maria Sofia Perez as she discovers purpose in the universe. Through love and tears, exploration and tragedy, Maria and her family evolve from their humble beginnings as people of Earth to the guiding light of humanity.
  • Dream Worldline The Dream Worldine is a young readers' series that tells the story of ancient times in the Orion Spur. Follow such heroes as the Vayuvatai animal spirits Eagle, Owl, Falcon, and Wolf, the Mousai and Syrenai (better known in our distant time as the Muses and the Sirens), young Prince Yian, and the Queen of Dream.
  • Tzadi Worldline The Tzadi Worldline is a speculative fiction universe spanning a hundred thousand years of human history across many worldlines. Follow heroes from great starfaring nations and tiny bands of refugees as they explore space, time, and spirit, ascending from the deepest darkness to the triumphs of the human condition. Join us as we build our universes and craft our collective story.
  • Xensi Worldline In 2959, the human race comes to an end. Or does it? On a mysterious plane of existence only spoken of by the long-dead religions of the past, the survivors of humanity continue the desperate battle against the very instrument of their extinction: the Host. But is it truly their enemy, or their last hope?
-Victor Sheckels

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