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Welcome to the wTc!

Post by Victor » 2017.03.21 11:08:15 EDT

Welcome to the wTc. That stands for www.tarazedi.com and currently includes victorsheckels.com (me) and thenethersphere.com (a Star Trek Online fleet). Enjoy your stay and follow these simple rules to avoid the swinging banhammer:
  • No spam. Rotating spambot countermeasures may include but are not limited to registration captchas, new-member probationary periods, IP range and email banning, and account deletion. If you happen to accidentally take friendly fire because of this, please contact me so we can fix you up.
  • No illegal activities.
  • No site disruption. Thread hijacking, post flooding, posting gibberish or sloppy language, or otherwise uglifying the site all counts.
  • No personal attacks or hate speech. Get smart, not mad. "Don't be a dick" is one of the first rules of human behavior. Follow it.
  • Understand that this is a privately-owned website and that your use of it is entirely at my discretion.
-Victor Sheckels

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