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Complex BBCode example

Post by Victor » 2017.04.06 09:38:35 EDT

  Lexax Tarazedi

DL2: Legacy Font
DL3: Tarazedi Keyboard
T180: Basics
T181: Structure
T159: Vocabulary
T24: Fonts/Keyboards

You will need the DL2: Legacy Cycle Standard Font to view Tarazedi characters and the DL3: Tarazedi Keyboard Layout to type with them.
  Alphabet and Phonology

Pronunciation of Tarazedi characters is consistent and regular, with only one pronunciation exception. There are 26 letters: 20 consonants (6 stops, 6 fricatives, 6 affricates, 2 nasals, 2 approximants, and 2 doubles) and 6 vowels. There are also 4 supplementary vowels not considered part of the alphabet. The Tarazedi alphabet with transliteration, pronunciation, and keystroke is listed below in Tarazedi alphabetical order: pa, bu, ta, du, ka, gu, tha, vu, sa, zu, sha, zhu, cha, jhu, mu, nu, ru, lu, xa, qu, at, it, ot, et, ut, yt. There are capitals of all letters.

     p Pp pppaVoiceless bilabial stop
     b Bb bbbuVoiced bilabial stop
     t Tt tttaVoiceless dental stop
     d Dd ddduVoiced dental stop
     k Kk kkkaVoiceless velar stop
     g Gɡ ggguVoiced velar stop
     th Thθ thingctrl-alt-tthaVoiceless dental non-silibant fricative
     v Vv vvvuVoiced labiodental fricative
     s Ss sssaVoiceless alveolar silibant fricative
     z Zz zzzuVoiced alveolar silibant fricative
     sh Shʃ shctrl-alt-sshaVoiceless palato-alveolar sibilant
     zh Zhʒ azurectrl-alt-zzhuVoiced palato-alveolar sibilant
     ch ChcharcchaVoiceless palato-alveolar affricate
     jh JhjjjhuVoiced palato-alveolar affricate
     m Mm mmmaBilabial nasal
     n Nn nnnuAlveolar nasal
     r Rɹ rrruAlveolar approximant
     l Ll lllaAlveolar lateral approximant
     x Xks     k+s, extraxxaDouble
     q Qɡl     g+l, glitchqquDouble
     a Aa fatheraatOpen front unrounded vowel
     i Iɪ pitiitNear-close near-front unrounded vowel
     o Oo homeootClose-mid back rounded vowel
     e Eɛ peteetOpen-mid front unrounded vowel
     u Uʌ muduutOpen-mid back unrounded vowel
     y Yi yearyytClose front unrounded vowel
     a Aæ taxctrl-alt-aaxSupplementary vowel (Near-open front unrounded vowel)
     i Ii thiefctrl-alt-iixSupplementary vowel Close front unrounded vowel
     o Oany rounded vowelctrl-alt-ooxSupplementary vowel
     e Eany unrounded vowelctrl-alt-eexSupplementary vowel

  • Example word:
        Tazaradiax "The Tarazedi"
    (From Tazarad - proper name for the star system Novi Tazarad + -i - adjectival suffix + -ax - article "the" suffix.)
  • Words contain one syllable per vowel. There are no diphthongs, however, interjections may be pronounced as glides.
  • A consonant is part of the following vowel's syllable except where the following vowel is part of a suffix.
    Thus:     Tazaradiax ta-za-rad-i-ax, not taz-a-rad-i-ax.
  • The last syllable of a root word before a suffix is stressed
    Thus:     Tazaradiax ta-za-RAD-i-ax
  • Suffixes containing    a and    i use the supplementary vowel pronunciation, e.g.     Tazaradiax; however the supplementary vowel characters are not used when writing, except in pronunciation guides and for loan words.
  • Example word:
        veltrax "The Storm"
    (From vel - openness, sky + -tr - "that which does" + -ax - article "the" suffix.)
  • Roots and suffixes do not merge with each other.
    Thus: VEL-tr-ax, not VEL-trax.
  • In informal dialect, the above rule may be broken.
    Thus: VEL-trax.
  • In speed dialect, consonants between other consonants may be discarded.
    Thus: VEL-rax.

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