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Who are you?

Posted: 2017.04.04 17:30:13 EDT
by Victor
Y'hhau* Nethersphere folks. Thanks for dropping by. Tell us about yourself!

What is your @handle? (Fill that and your rank out in the user profile, if you would!)
What do you want to be known as?
How old are you and where are you from?
What's your favorite thing to do in STO?

I am @mneme, and you can call me Victor. I am one of the three leaders of the fleet and I also run the site. I am 37 and live in New York. My favorite thing to do is collecting stuff to build weird ships. I also like the smell of torpedo spreads in the morning.

*Informal "hello" in Romulan.

Re: Who are you?

Posted: 2017.04.07 03:47:25 EDT
by chaos21754
I am @Rob17 and am Emissary. Can just call me Rob is fine:) I am 63 and in Wichita,Ks and trying out different combos for ships is what i like the most.
Some day i will settle on a combo that finally works the way i want it to work heh
My favorite ship right now is my Intel Dreadnought. My second favorite are my Temporal Dreadnoughts.
I think my favorite thing about dreadnoughts is the punishment they can take as you run through the middle of an enemy group blasting away at them :D

Re: Who are you?

Posted: 2017.06.09 13:06:18 EDT
by Mikail
Hi all

I am Michael, 44 and reside in Melbourne, Australia... I have been a gamer all my life, I hve played many MMO's including Star Wars Galaxies, Matrix, WoW, Black Desert Online and ran some awesome guilds in Star Wars the Old Republic (I wish I had of purchased a lifetime membership in STO instead :P ) I am a single dad of 3 (Son 20, Daughter 18 and Son 16) I am great with PC issues if you need some help. I really enjoy STO as the balance between space and ground is great.. although I focus more on space. I have a Fleet Arbiter setup with cannons and turrets on the back (AP). I hope to get a few more ships as time goes by, my main is Mikail (Tac(Fed)), I am working on a Romulan (Katara (Sci)) and will start a Klingon at some stage too... Feel free to msg me and am always up for fun! :)