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Nethersphere Timeline

Posted: 2017.12.04 10:38:43 EST
by Victor
Your timeline information should be compatible with existing Star Trek, Nethersphere, and character biography lore. If it is not, it will be considered part of a non-Nethersphere-canonical character biography unless conflicting elements are edited. "Player Episode" stories, e.g. elements of character biographies that reference in-game player-centered episodes, will be canonical on a first-come, first-served basis. For example, two players cannot both be written as the character who infiltrated the Tholian base in Temporal Ambassador, however, multiple players could include in their character biographies references to participating in the Battle of Caleb IV.

22nd Century

Posted: 2017.12.04 10:44:07 EST
by Victor
  • 2151-2155: Star Trek: Enterprise.
  • 2161: United Federation of Planets founded.
  • 2190: IGS Snark vanishes into Bajoran wormhole while investigating disappearances in the area.

23rd Century

Posted: 2017.12.04 10:47:03 EST
by Victor
  • 2254: Star Trek: The Cage.
  • 2255: IGS Snark and quantum duplicate emerge from Bajoran wormhole. Duplicate is captured by Orion slavers and sold to the Klingon Empire.
  • 2256: Star Trek: Discovery.
  • 2265-2370: Star Trek: The Original Series, The Animated Series.
  • 2270: Battle of Caleb IV.
  • 2273: Star Trek: The Motion Picture.
  • 2275-2276: Star Trek: Rihannsu.
  • 2283: Mneiha's embassy to the Tholians is sabotaged and trapped in an interphase rift. Aoide attempts to rescue them and is trapped as well. Mneme joins Starfleet to aid in search.
  • 2285-2387: Star Trek II, III, IV, V.
  • 2293: Star Trek VI, VII. Star Trek: Sarek.

24th Century

Posted: 2017.12.04 10:51:08 EST
by Victor
  • 2305: Mneme discovers Mneiha's trapped ships. USS Resolute is unable to free them and instead Mneme reinforces the temporal stasis bubble to protect them from the deadly effects of interphase.
  • 2364-2370: Star Trek: The Next Generation.
  • 2369-2375: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.
  • 2371-2378: Star Trek: Voyager.
  • 2379: Star Trek: Nemesis.
  • 2387: Romulus and Remus are destroyed. Mnheia's ships escape protective temporal stasis. RRW Heis'he Ehl'ein and USS Ashaya travel to Tholia. The Tholians provide ships as recompense for their sabotage, because they are aware of upcoming temporal incidents which will involve Mnheia and her allies.
  • 2389: Aenea causes the Borg cube she is imprisoned on to attack the warbird IRW Latas Ieryyrheri which is seriously damaged in the attack and loses her command staff; Aidoann takes command and successfully assaults the cube to free Aenea and other drones and acquire Borg intelligence. The damaged warbird is rescued by the USS Ashaya.
  • 2390: IKS jajlo' Daq rescued from temporal rift by RRW Heis'he Ehl'ein. The Nethersphere is officially founded.

25th Century

Posted: 2017.12.04 10:54:55 EST
by Victor
  • 2409: New Romulus founded.