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The Nethersphere: basics

Welcome to the Nethersphere. We are a fleet (guild) for Star Trek Online, a free-to-play MMO game based on the Star Trek universe.  Our fleet supports Federation, Romulan, and Klingon players.  By the standards of STO we are a casual, PvE-centered fleet, emphasizing individual fun over compliance to fleet protocol. Our rules are simple: help where you can, and always be nice.


The Nethersphere was created in 2390 by a group of Romulan, Federation, and Klingon starship commanders. Its original mission was to work behind the scenes to rescue and reintegrate victims of temporal incidents, but later this expanded to include other rescue efforts such as the recovery of Borg drones, Tal Shiar indoctrination subjects, slave species within the Klingon Empire, and others whose lives and dignity have been violated. Bound together by ancient psionic communications technology, the Nethersphere is an organization devoted to the common principles of doing good and helping the suffering, regardless of the political or military situation.

As the Nethersphere relies heavily on technologies developed by the Romulan Republic, operational conventions have a distinctly Romulan flavor and use of the Rihannsu language is prevalent.


While fleet members are not required to use any specific uniform, ship paint, or ship naming convention in game, our fleet colors are dark green and black. On ships we recommend H6 to H6 with Corvus and Window 2.  Check the Uniforms thread for more details.  If you have ships capable of a custom prefix (by selecting "none" for prefix and typing your own in the name field), you may use our fleet prefix N.S.S..  Our Federation starbase is Starbase 990, so registry numbers such as NX-990xxx are encouraged.  Rihannsu names are strongly encouraged for Romulan ships, and tlhInghan Hol is likewise encouraged for ships of Klingon registry.


If you are a member of the Nethersphere or an ally, you should register on this forum so you can participate in discussions.  After registering, do not forget to check your email (and possibly spambox) to finalize your registration.  After finalizing your account, you may log in to post or reply to topics (discussions). Use the "Post Thread" buttons on the forum to start new topics, or visit existing Topics and use the "New Reply" buttons to add to those topics.  The Nethersphere is part of the Tarazedi community of sites (see buttons at top of page); registering for an account also allows you to participate in discussions across the network.

Instead of fleet chat, The Nethersphere uses a custom chat channel in game to talk between subfleets.  To join, type /channel_join Nethersphere in the chat box.  All your characters will now be able to read and speak to #Nethersphere... helpful when requesting recruitment for your alts!

The Nethersphere also has a Discord channel.
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