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The Dream of Tarazed

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After a centuries-long voyage, humanity’s first interstellar colony ship reaches its destination, Tarazed-B... only to find a planet with a poisonous and unterraformable atmosphere. Unable to return home and running short on supplies, the crew of the starship Eagle must use the last of their engine reserves on a desperate course correction to Tarazed-A—a red giant with little chance of having habitable planets but still a better option than dying helplessly in interstellar space. Impossibly, the Tarazed-A system has life-bearing planets. As Chief Medical Officer Maria Perez explores the paradisaical world at the heart of the system, she starts to learn strange secrets that may lead the colony to its doom–or its salvation...

The Eagle and the Owl

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On the world of Dawn, two sisters lived their lives never dreaming there were other worlds to explore until, one day, a visitor from a distant world told them of two amazing places beyond the horizon. But what if Eagle and Owl cannot agree on where to go?

The Falcon and the Sun

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Young Falcon is determined to fly to the sun but her elders all say it is impossible. She sets off on her own to prove them wrong. What dangers will she encounter on her quest?

The First Red Rose

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Prince Yian falls in love with a girl from a distant world. After a visit from Wolf Far-Traveler, he decides to search the worlds for a rare flower for his lady. But what must he do—and who will he enounter—on his quest?