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 When All The Worlds Were New

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When All The Worlds Were New – 12 Book Series
When All The Worlds Were New – Omnibus
WATWWN #03: The Muses and the Sirens
WATWWN #04: The Prince and the Dragon
WATWWN #10: The Spider and the Mala

What would you do with a thousand years? With a million? With a billion? The same that you would do with a single moment, surely. You would seek love, joy, beauty. Explore the mysteries of time and space and spirit. Dance with the timeless, the infinite, the loving. Here are 12 stories of beings across the worlds on such a journey.

When All The Worlds Were New is a series of twelve metaphysical science fiction and fantasy stories from across the ages. Follow beings from realms beyond our own from the distant past to futures beyond our imagining as they explore the Deep of space, time, self, and Love.

The omnibus and all 12 stories are available on Kindle, and the omnibus and selected stories are also available as paperbacks.

When All The Worlds Were New – Available Now!
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