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Beauty not only exists in the eye of the beholder, that is the only place it exists. A scene, an object, a being, none of these things contains beauty as an intrinsic property. To be called beautiful, someone must view the thing and appreciate that beauty—and sometimes there is a great deal of variation even between humans as to what constitutes beauty.

How do we make sense of this? What is beauty for, if it is inconsistent and subjective? Here is one possible explanation.

Beauty is your soul’s recognizing itself somewhere in the “external” world. When you realize—or perhaps decide—something is beautiful, you are drawn toward it either … click to continue reading

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Writer’s Blah

Writer’s block is a funny thing when your usual conception of your own mental functioning is that your conscious mind does little to no work in the writing process. Multisensory aphantasia tends to leave one with the expectation that a blank page will just slowly fill itself with pertinent words and sentences. This usually works fairly well; the greatest difficulty is a certain stiffness or pain in the fingers while they are moving on the keyboard—but even that happens automatically.

So what, then, is writer’s block if this is your condition? Put simply, it is the lack of will to sit down and let the work do itself. … click to continue reading

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