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 When All The Worlds Were Diamonds

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When All The Worlds Were Diamonds – 7 Book Series
When All The Worlds Were Diamonds – Omnibus

Thirteen billion years ago, the First Star and a tiny Diamond Planet fell in love. Their love remains, flowing through the Universe as diamonds and precious things, and the waters of the River Mnemosyne. What happens when we hear the song of Their love, taste the kiss of Their memories upon our lips, and search for Their beauty among the stars? Here are 7 stories of beings across the worlds, discovering just that.

When All The Worlds Were Diamonds is a series of seven metaphysical science fiction and fantasy stories from the earliest days of our beautiful universe to the promise carrying us into the distant future. Listen to the song of Love given to the cosmos from the heart of a glorious Star, and follow exotic aliens and brave humans alike as its irresistible melody fills their souls.

The omnibus and all 7 stories are available on Kindle, and the omnibus is also available as paperback.

“When All The Worlds Were Diamonds” Available Now!
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